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I could sit here and tell you about the many times I was given medicines worgnly by the pharmacist and/or Rx Tech. However when I go home, I read the directions, I check the labeling of the meds (as I have severe allergies to a few meds) and assure I'm given the correct dosage/instructions and/or medication.More than a handful of times I was given meds that had codeine in them albeit the pharmacy had it on record that I'm allergic to codeine. The same for E-mycin. I merely take them back to the pharmacy, speak with the managing pharmacist (as it's typically a Tech that has made the error) and I have them exchange the meds for one that I'm not allergic to.I've also had a pharmacy that had a prescription given to them by myself for 100 tabs of a pain med. When my friend picked it up and brought it to me, I noticed that the bottle was entirely too small for the correct count. I contacted their loss prevention rep. and the person responsible for stealing the narcotics was dealt with and of course lost his job. If I chose not to inform the loss prevention rep I may silently have been guilty of not alarming the pharmacy that seniors and/or other people were not getting their correct meds, or the correct amount of meds.On the other hand, after too many errors with one major pharmacy, I chose to switch to another major pharmacy. Shortly thereafter I was given prescriptions from doctors after a life-threatening ailment put me in a bad position. It was the pharmacist that caught many, and I do mean many, worgnly prescribed meds and he refused to fill them. Rather he told my husband of the fatalities that could result in taking certain meds with coumadin (blood thinners) and he (the pharmacist) actually called the doctor and spoke with him about it, which resulted in changing the prescriptions. That pharmacist saved my life! There's always two sides to each coin, as long as I'm alive and all is well as an end result, I report the incident and hope to help with their awareness.Only you can choose which way to pursue the erroneous prescription.


You can find a lawyer to take your case. Where it is a valid case is aehnotr thing. If you were not harmed in some way, all you will probably end up with is a lot of legal fees. Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own care. That may sound harsh, but it is true. Each of us should check our medications each time we have them filled to be sure it is the right medication in the right dosage with the proper number of doses for the month. If the pills look different, ask questions. The pharmacist may have filled the prescription with a different generic or may have made a mistake, but it is still your job to find out. It is your health to take care of protect. Each of us has to assume this responsibility for ourselves if we want the best care possible.


A few yrs back I looked into getitng some of my medications online. With or without a script. I never did buy anyhting though. My problem was the country of origin. Where were these pills being produced? And were there any guidlines for producing them? I found out that no, they are not the safest thing you can do.


Hey sis, I for one can relate to your post. I was stertad on about 25-30mg of prednisone months back after diagnosis, and then stertad on Methotrexate in hopes of tapering down the prednisone. I have to say that it's been going very well for me. I get nauseous every now and then but thats about it. As long as I'm taking folic acid the side effects from mtx aren't really noticeable from prednisone. I got up to 20mg of mtx a week and now am down to just 7.5mg of prednisone! What's your dosage of mtx? If it's pretty low I wouldn't worry. It is a drug used for chemotherapy in LARGE doses which I don't think your rheumy would put you on. Stay strong! <3


if your dog needs prednisone PLEASE see your vet first, he will steer u in the right dtircieon, i can't imagine why a dog would need it in the first place, your vet will have all the answers u need, im sorry thats all i have


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Thanks, yjallad. Importing the upeadtd FDT project was smoother. However, the project doesn't have the swcs in libs linked in. I had to right-click them, Source Folder -> Add to Classpath. Then the project built and ran fine. I noticed that the .as3_classpath file in your project doesn't have the SWCs, but after I Add to Classpath, they are listed in the file.But the Flex SDK variable works perfectly now. I think the ideal is only use the variable in the project file, and if the path needs to be customized, the user edits the variable value for their own FDT install.


What's it take to become a suiblme expounder of prose like yourself?


At the special meneitg of the Cambria Community Healthcare District March 9th it appears at least three of the five Board Members are willing to use the abilities of the Healthcare Paramedics while they are working at the fire department by returning the paramedic equipment to the fire engine. Board Members Kristi Jenkins, Greg Bates and John Headding indicated the need to get a paramedic to the patient in the shortest amount of time was paramount and did not care if the paramedic came from the ambulance or a fire engine. I applaud these Directors for placing the needs of the patient before all other factors.President Fratto did not outright support replacing the equipment on the fire engine, but did indicate a desire to find a way to resolve the differences between the two districts. He indicated the matter will be discussed and settled at the districts next meneitg on March 24th. The conference room of Rabobank was standing room only and I am sure the support for the fire department's use of Healthcare Paramedics made an impression on the CCHD Board. They normally have only one or two visitors to an average meneitg. It is important for everyone to attend the March 24th meneitg to assure the CCHD follows through, by agreeing to reinstall the equipment and enter into discussions for ways to cooperate in the future.


To avoid re-infection, any sexual paenrrts should be treated too. Treating gonorrhea is advocated for patients being treated for chlamydia, and vice versa (50% have both infections together)A urine test and a swab test collecting fluid from the vagina may be done for detecting chlamydia and gonorrhea as both STDs may co-exist together.

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