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egxaqcmph, quzmrmzaqu


Holy cnoicse data batman. Lol!


I got into this company with the help of my Father-in-law who has been wnokirg there for 10 years. I finished a Communications degree but it took me nearly 2 months to get this job because I had to wait for my work permit. I'm an immigrant. They waited for me fortunately and now giving me this Office Admin job.After the first day which was only an orientation, my boss talked to me and he was like Now, your general job's gonna be this We give you this job because you were needing a job, right? Then in one of the meetings with all the members under his department, I was introduced as a new employee joining the team and he went like And this is (my name), she will be helping us in some Admin jobs and maybe some procurement, we are still figuring out what she's gonna be doing really. He told me I'm gonna be on the floor and start my job this Monday, but he's on leave and he never even talked to me before that for more info, I don't know who to approach too in behalf of him because he wont be back until Tuesday It makes me feel neglected and I feel like the company does not need me at all. Am I just needing attention or part of them is really giving me a hint that I'm not THAT needed? I am capable of doing something. I have several admin/sales/marketing/SEO job experiences before.Yeah a family has helped me get into this company easy and I am thankful for that, but it does not mean that I'm just here because I know someone and not really because I know something. It makes me think that for the most part of it, my boss thinks I can't be of a big help to them.Am I feeling wrong here? What are those statements that my boss stated meant? Please give me pieces of advice , I don't feel good about myself going to work I am a little discouraged. Thanks

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